The Agnel Ashram Fathers – a group of Catholic priests and brothers, along with some well educated, dedicated, zealous and patriotic co-workers have, during the last 45 years, built up a large well-knit family of committed individuals. This unique family, which is spread over different parts of the country, has been instrumental in propounding a powerful MOVEMENT in the realm of education.

Starting with the preschool level, seeks to touch the lives of students and citizens of India, right up to graduation and post graduation level, in such a way that every student entrusted to the care of an Agnel Ashram Fathers’ institution, grows into a balanced, versatile and courageous individual who has the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual strength to face the challenges of life. This Agnel Ashram Family Movement originated way back in 1957 in Mumbai.

Golden Moments

Fr Rodrigues
Fr. Conceicao M. Rodrigues
(1912 - 1984)
With Former PM Mrs. Indira Gandhi
Fr. Rodrigues with Mrs. Indira Gandhi
With Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru
Fr. Rodrigues with Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru
In a function with Former PM Mrs. Indira Gandhi
Fr. Rodrigues in a function with Mrs. Indira Gandhi