Department of Mechanical Engineering

1) Project based teaching

2) Seminars by students

3) Flipped class room

4) Invited Lecture Series

5) Video Lectures

6) Smart Board


Project Based Learning
Project Based Learning
  Seminar by Students
Seminar By Students
Flipped Classroom
Flipped Classroom
  Invited Lecture Series
Invited Lecture Series
Video Lectures
Video Lectures
  Smart Board
Smart Board

Innovative methods followed:

The faculty members have developed many innovative methods to improve the effectiveness of teaching – learning process. Few of them which can be put on record are as follows.

a) The faculty members who teach the courses related to mechanisms and machines, encourage students to make working models of the mechanisms and demonstrate them in the classroom. This gives the students more clarity on working and synthesis of the mechanisms.

b) The faculty member who teach the courses related to mechatronics and automation, encourage students to make working models to demonstrate the applications which use the concepts of mechatronics. This gives the students confidence and more understanding for developing real life mechatronic systems.

c) The faculty members provide hands on experience of using modern tools such as Ansys, N.I. System, etc. to the students by organizing workshops while students are undergoing the relevant Theory courses. This activity enhances skill and employability of the students.

d) The faculty members organized paper presentation and working model making competition for the students to enhance their awareness about the latest technologies which they don’t learn explicitly during their academics. These activities enhance the effectiveness of teaching learning process as students get familiar with the real life implications of the theory which they learn in the classroom.

e) The faculty members have used SMART Board which is an interactive whiteboard which allows the operator to project an image and 'interact' with it by writing on it or moving it around with the help of a stylus. The SMART Board is connected to a computer and works with a projector. The projector displays what is open on the computer and, rather than using a mouse or keyboard (although you can use those also), the SMART Board is a touch screen, which allows you to manipulate anything on the screen using your fingers. Special pens are included in a SMART Board to make writing in different colors quick and easy. Many important features like drawing with tools like compass, scale, protractor (virtual instruments) are also posssible. These features enable the students to quickly understand concepts with fewer inputs as compared to the chalk & board learning,  from the faculty.

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